When logistics becomes an issue

Being in retail for so long, I am aware how challenging it can be when stock do not arrive in time. I also know that no stock means no sales, and no sales, well…you know. However, as retailers I think effort must be made to make the store look full regardless. One way to achieve this is to either reduce the number of fixtures or at the very least, fill in the units that face the main aisles. It is hard enough to get traffic through the doors and the last thing we want is to not only disappoint the customer but also to give them an impression that there is not enough stock. It also shows that as retailers, we are not prepared for the arrival of customers that day. I for one know how disappointing it can be when I drive to a store only to leave without buying what I intended to. Connect with me or leave comments at www.retailexcellence.com.Dont Dis Empt

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