What is a Window Display supposed to accomplish?

A shop window is a powerful tool in reinforcing retail image and identity. It is most often, the first chance a customer gets to view the store’s merchandise. When utilized properly, it is effective in conveying target market, price points and product selection. A window ideally should attract attention (in a positive way), stop traffic and get customers to come in and buy the products being promoted. I believe that windows should sell one idea at a time or one story at a time, unlike this display. I realize retailers want to inform customers of the range of goods they carry, however in order to maximize a window’s impact, one idea at a time works best.  In windows such as this, where items are displayed on a shelf, I also like to complete the display with signage.Dont Window

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  1. A great point that seemingly no one gets. Yes, it’s difficult to always “tell a story”, but you have to try. If nothing else, create a unifying theme to bring different products together in a cohesive manner.

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