Valentine’s in December?! How soon is too soon?

Yes, we see Christmas displays as early as August now. I wonder how many feel August is too soon to think about the holidays. I am sure emotions range from extremely resentful to acceptance. While it is customary for a number of retailers to present products as early as a month before an occasion, merchandising them while a major holiday is still on-going can seem a bit disconcerting. Case and point- selling Valentine’s as early as December. Note the holiday gift wrappers adjacent to the display. Couldn’t we fully enjoy the holidays without being reminded that another one is coming in ooh, about 2 months? Can we not just stay in the ‘moment’ for a little while longer and revel in the joy of the season without being rushed into the next? Anyway, this is just my own opinion. What are your thoughts on this?Dont Valentines in Dec2

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