Uhmmmm Would You Buy From Them?

Really? Is this the best they can do? How appetizing are these chocolate fudge? Food items are the one category everyone has relatively higher standards. Not only do they have to be appealing enough (mouth watering, really) to entice customers to purchase them, they have to look like they are fresh and not leftovers. Where’s the emotional pull? Where’s the desire? Unfortunately, the less customers buy from them, the fewer products they make, the more their display case will look empty. They probably hoped that by using a mirror backing that the display will look plentiful, but sadly  the only thing it achieved is reflecting the floor and the stores on the other side of the corridor.  This display could probably be made more effective by adding large graphics of people enjoying the fudge above the display case and conversational signs inside the case giving customers a compelling reason to try the fudge.Dont Display Food (2)

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