Uhmmm Hello?! Did you guys just FORGET this section?

A GREAT ATTENTION GETTER! Woohoo. Most retaliers would be happy if their displays garnered attention. And in this case, this large national ‘proud to be Canadian’ retailer surely does. The question is…is the attention garnered a positive or a negative one? Does the specific display elevate the store’s overall presentation or at least supports and adds to its appeal? I wonder where this display falls under. Mind you, the adjacent displays of clothing is not great, but its ok. Too bad, they destroyed their image with this. Can you imagine anyone even wanting to browse through this? Can you even reach the wallets up above? Then again, the customers can always be blamed for messing up these units. Or COULD IT BE? Maybe, this is not the right merchandise for the fixture? Hmmm. NOTE: I will try to tone down the sarcasm in future blogs. I just couldn’t resist on this one.Dont Marks4

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