Truth in Selling Signs

I like this store. I truly do. Their prices are appealing and they deliver good customer service. However what disappointed me was the use of this sign that attracted my attention but failed to deliver. Yes, the sign said $19.97 and up, however not a single pair of runners displayed on all the tables was priced $19.97. In fact, the average price was about $50 and up. I asked a store associate where the $19.97 runners are and she said, oh, we may have a few depending on the day. Is this enough to give the store license to use this sign all the time?

Dont Deceiving Sign

One Comment on “Truth in Selling Signs”

  1. I say NO. It is a casual and callous way to attract customers that in the end frustrate them. It is in fact false advertising and they must have at least one pair of runners at that price in the store(preferably on the table) to justify this signage.

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