The Strategy of REPETITION Strikes Again

Oh how I like this display strategy of repetition. Experts claim that exposing a customer to a product 7 times leads to conversion. While selling space limitations way not allow retailers to display a product 7 times, at least the more often the customer is exposed to it, the higher the probability of a sale. Let us point out what is RIGHT in this set-up. First, the eye is immediately drawn to the jeans body forms. Then immediately behind this, a folded jeans power wall layers the message of product dominance. (Ok, the half-empty middle shelf should’ve been replenished). Signage makes shopping easy by pointing out the specific style. The nesting table fronting this wall shows more jeans, and the table closest to the customer multiple sells with T-shirts. A well deserved pat on the back to whoever did this display! Do Visual Jeans

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