The Power of Touch

I have always believed in the power of touch. Engaging shoppers emotionally mean having them interact not only with your team members but also the very merchandise you are selling. In this new age of Covid consciousness, are we to lose the one powerful element in emotional engagement? As customers are wary of touching display items, the role your service associate plays in active selling becomes so much more crucial. Encourage your staff to invite shoppers to touch or try on items. I realize this means more work for them when they have to disinfect merchandise that has been tried on, however more often than not, know that the more interaction a customer has with a product, the higher the probability of a sale.

This past weekend, my friend was standing behind a stanchion looking at one of the watches at this store. The sales associate played an active role in engaging her by inviting her to come in for a closer inspection. She then took a stock item out and gave it to my friend to try on. While my friend had no intention to purchase a watch this shopping trip, she did end up buying one! This is an excellent example of how retailers can engage shoppers through the sense of touch.

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