The Difference the Right Fixture Makes = SALES

By simply viewing the 2 displays of the same white vases, can you guess its value? When I asked my students at BCIT to guess product prices, they valued the white vases on the left to be about $30-50. When shown the picture on the right, they valued it much higher, at about $100 and up. To be honest, the left display uses a platform similar to a warehouse type of store. The tall brown vases are clay and sells for $20. The white vases, are individually hand made by highly skilled artisans and sell for $150 and up. The question that then begs to be asked is should these two products, while sharing the same inventory classification as pot vases be merchandised together? Shouldn’t the artisan made vases deserve a better display platform? Besides, the glass unit made customers wary of handling the pieces as the glass was perceived to be thin and easily breakable. This simple change yielded immediate sales for 2 pieces (at $225 each) as soon as we moved them to the white wooden showcase. 

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