Do and Don’t: Light Up!

Do you know that the brightest stores catches the most eyes? Ditto with the brightest spots inside a selling space, hence features and focals gets the most light. I am not saying to equally light up the entire floor, as lighting when used properly, can create drama and lead the eye from one point to the next. That is why I often … Read More

Do and Don’t: Do you walk looking up?!

Its funny how some retailers assume customers walk with their heads tilted up. This is evident in the signage they install not only in their shop windows but also inside the store. Some stores put up their signs too high with small print that I am not sure whose attention they expect to catch. Don’t they realize we humans walk looking forward, turning our heads … Read More

Do and Don’t: Customers Pay Attention to Details

DO: This window display shows attention to detail. Everything is well laid out and the back graphics support the overall theme. DON’T: Right across the mall hallway from the window shown above, is this window below. An otherwise beautiful window display is ruined by the backdrop. Do they think customers will not see this detail?! The implications do not stop … Read More

Do and Don’t: Worn and Torn

DO: Storefront or window signs are a great way to attract customer attention. Hence careful inspection of this for signs of wear and tear is a MUST. After all, this sets the customers’ first impression of your store. DON’T: Not only is this sign worn around the edges, there is a big hole right in the middle too!

Do and Don’t: Is it Fall or is it Winter?

DO: A single idea is being sold to customers— that it is winter and it is time to buy winter basics. DON’T: Which season is it? Fall or the holidays?! This shop needs to sell only one idea at a time.

Do and Don’t: The Romance of the Holidays

DO: A select few pieces is showcased dramatically with the use of colour and simple props to convey a strong message of holiday gift giving. DON’T: A holiday window display needs more appeal than the one seen below. The display not only fails to multiple sell within a set, it hardly encourages customers to even want the items displayed. Jewelry … Read More

Do and Don’t: What is Being Sold?

DO: Having text on the window acts like a title to the story being sold. It immediately conveys the store’s message to the shopper. Crucial to the placement of the text is its position in the window. It should not hinder sightlines to the main selling point which is around the mannequins’ chest area. Placing the text around hip level … Read More

Do and Don’t: Where’s the Romance?

DO: What a beautiful and eye catching jewelry display. Not only is the display eye to waist level, the message is conveyed through a fairy tale story. Makes me wish upon a star for the necklace on display. DON’T: This jewelry display is simply too low. Right at eye level, one sees a blank wall. There is also nothing special … Read More

Do and Don’t: Is that Junk I see on the Window?

DO: A great seasonal window display– it effectively conveys target market, expected price points and product selection being promoted. DON’T: So sad they ran out of space for inventory and they just stacked all boxes right behind this window display. Note that customers can see past a display- whether it is in the window, behind the cash desk or tucked … Read More

Do and Don’t: Windows as Selling Opportunities

DO: Windows are a great opportunity to commence the selling process. Take this opportunity to dress mannequins in the latest arrivals and entice customers to come in for a closer look. DON’T: Apart from being bare, this window mannequin gets the wrong kind of attention. This also shows lack of attention and care for business.