Large Format Graphics Catch The Eye From Afar

I admire how this larger than life display grabbed my attention- for such small luxury merchandise. Most premium items such as prestige jewelry or small leather goods use small picture windows instead of the floor to ceiling ones like this. Windows like the ones used at Tiffany & Co. often use beautiful intricate displays. This one on the other hand is a great alternative … Read More

Hello?! Did someone forget something?

Wow, nice display! Someone certainly took the time and effort to create this lovely display. But wait a moment…did someone forget something? You know, the most important part of any display? Clue: the products maybe? 

When did Windows Become Stock Rooms?

Yes, I hear you all VMs, this window display do not lend itself to multiple selling, much less telling one impact-ful story, nor emotionally engage shoppers. I get it, not everyone is an expert in window display, however I just thought it is common knowledge that a window is not a stockroom. I have always believed that a window display’s … Read More

Prestige Designer Window FAILS

I have a healthy respect for window designers. Throughout my career in retail, I have known the breed of visual merchandisers like myself to be very meticulous where attention to detail is paramount. Over the years, when stores are cutting costs and now have their store staff implement window displays from planograms, I somehow feel that majority of the retailers … Read More

BLACK FRIDAY, yes I already know its year end, but…

Ahh, the BLACK FRIDAY sale extravaganza. It’s waaay past, in fact, it was a month ago, but I had to share this to you all. Yes, I was down in the US to experience for myself this crazy retail day. I was on business mode, taking photos, noting shopping behaviours, etc, you know, ‘research’. …. and well, yes, to shop too! … Read More

Ahhh, the Holiday Face Cut Outs…

Face cut outs are always fun! People have their photos taken with their faces jutting out the cut outs to reflect the season, their mood or the place they’re in and share them with friends. Therefore what can make the holidays more special? Holiday face cut outs! That’s what. Only, uh, I am not sure how to get into this one… … Read More

What Happened Here?!

    What A Sad Feature Display At the Store’s Entrance Entrances are supposed to entice customers further into exploring the store. This sad entrance shows that associates simply don’t care…Too Bad!    

Do and Don’t: Printing Price Signs

Printing prices or handwriting them? Of course handwriting them is so much easier but it also comes across as home-made and very unprofessional unless the handwriting is consistent and beautifully executed.   DO: If your handwriting is less than perfect, opt for a printer. It adds business credibility and supports the products’ value.  CAN BE IMPROVED: Selling formal wear requires … Read More

Do and Don’t: A Window is NOT a Stockroom

It never ceases to amaze me when retailers fail to treat their shop windows with the respect it deserves. What a wasted opportunity– a chance to attract attention and sell the very merchandise on display. Too bad! DO: With space at a premium the window is used as an introduction to what customers may expect inside the store. What an … Read More

Do and Don’t: Brand Names on Windows

Ever been tricked into entering a store thinking they’d have an item they really don’t? Doesn’t that just tick you off?! That’s what happened to me in this ‘don’t’ photo. DO: Brand names attract customer attention. In this case, the Hunter brand is supported by the Hunter rain boots displayed immediately below the sign. This makes shopping easy by informing customers … Read More