Why Triangles Work

Many of you have already either worked with me or taken my seminars and workshops. In this case you already know that I love triangles not only because they are a basic shape anyone can apply to any display, but also because they draw customers’ eyes to the items one wishes to sell. They bring movement to an otherwise static … Read More

Do and Don’t: The Right Fixture Makes The Difference

I am not sure what shopkeepers are expecting when they place teeny tiny items on the floor. Do they expect customers to kneel down and browse through them?! DO: Products are neatly displayed on a nesting table. Display strategies implemented make this set-up appealing. I did one project wherein I exchanged gondola units to nesting tables and their sales went up … Read More

Do and Don’t: Amazons Viewing Windows

When displaying merchandise in a window, what is the ideal height? I always thought that its always best when the eye hits the chest area of the mannquins or close to the main feature of the clothing being promoted. Now the question is whose eyes? Someone who is 6 ft. tall or someone less than 5’5″? DO: I like how … Read More

Do and Don’t: Brand Names on Windows

Ever been tricked into entering a store thinking they’d have an item they really don’t? Doesn’t that just tick you off?! That’s what happened to me in this ‘don’t’ photo. DO: Brand names attract customer attention. In this case, the Hunter brand is supported by the Hunter rain boots displayed immediately below the sign. This makes shopping easy by informing customers … Read More