Do and Don’t: Window Message

DO: This is a great window display promoting men’s leather jackets. The store layered the exact same message three times in a single glance- front window graphics, the mannequin and the large poster behind. This achieves greater impact. Besides, it is always more effective to tell one story at a time. DON’T: The mannequins and graphics on the glass promote … Read More

Do and Don’t: Body Form Displays

DO: Visual clues such as these body forms convey where these shirts can be found. In this case, the body forms are part of the table display making shopping easy. To enhance this display visually, the green body form should be above the green shirts and same with the brown Alaska shirts. DON’T: The mannequins behind the display table should … Read More

Do and Don’t: Valentine Window Display

I realize that not all retailers can afford to hire professional visual merchandisers to do their window displays all the time. This is just fine, when having the right foundation (in this case, fixtures) and by applying some shape to the set-up can go a long way in creating an eye catching display. DO: (Above) 1. Nesting tables set a … Read More

Do and Don’t: Christmas Hangover

DO: Keeping props the same scale as your products supports the window’s purpose of merchandise promotion. DON’T: In this window, props catch the eye more than products do. Besides, props take centre stage because they are eye level. This set-up does a poor job of promoting actual store merchandise.

Do and Don’t: Lighting

DO: Keeping some areas dark in a window display draws the eye to the bright spot–or wherever the retailer intends to draw attention upon. In this case, to sell a specific lifestyle. DON’T: Keeping the store dark is just bad for business.

Do and Don’t: Window Selling Opportunity

DO: There were thousands of people downtown during the Pride Parade weekend. In keeping with this, the store showed their support while promoting their merchandise.DON’T: In contrast, this store missed a great selling opportunity!

Do and Don’t: Sale Signs

DO: These sale signs maintain perceived product values. DON’T: On the other hand, these signs greatly devalue the merchandise.

Do and Don’t: Lighting Window Displays

DO: Good lighting attracts attention and highlights merchandise. DON’T: Who forgot to turn the lights on? Even then, do I really want to look at this window?!

Do and Don’t: Window Displays

DO: Create a window display showing an abundance of related merchandise.DON’T: A near empty window that is not only dark but also uninviting fails to attract attention.