How to Easily DEVALUE a BRAND

Its funny how it seems that some companies view their employees as second class citizens. As if they are not deserving of a good retail setting. Case and point, take a look at this employee store. From the exterior, you can already tell that it looks like an ad hoc retail space. Trust me, the interior pretty much is summed … Read More

Prestige Designer Window FAILS

I have a healthy respect for window designers. Throughout my career in retail, I have known the breed of visual merchandisers like myself to be very meticulous where attention to detail is paramount. Over the years, when stores are cutting costs and now have their store staff implement window displays from planograms, I somehow feel that majority of the retailers … Read More

BLACK FRIDAY, yes I already know its year end, but…

Ahh, the BLACK FRIDAY sale extravaganza. It’s waaay past, in fact, it was a month ago, but I had to share this to you all. Yes, I was down in the US to experience for myself this crazy retail day. I was on business mode, taking photos, noting shopping behaviours, etc, you know, ‘research’. …. and well, yes, to shop too! … Read More

Ahhh, the Bellagio Las Vegas HOLIDAY displays…

For those of you who have been to Bellagio Las Vegas, you know the fantastic garden displays they have. I was there just a few weeks ago and they did not disappoint with their autumn garden. Too bad, I left just when they were converting the garden to their holiday display. That would’ve been a sight to behold. No matter, … Read More

Ahhh, the Holiday Face Cut Outs…

Face cut outs are always fun! People have their photos taken with their faces jutting out the cut outs to reflect the season, their mood or the place they’re in and share them with friends. Therefore what can make the holidays more special? Holiday face cut outs! That’s what. Only, uh, I am not sure how to get into this one… … Read More

Is this Holiday Window DONE?

Oh, hello? Uhm, did someone NOT finish this window? Or is this holiday window, IT? Did someone actually look at the window from the outside when they dressed it? Let’s see now…is the window display staff missing something? Is this the window planogram head office sent? How about the little guy on the right? You know, the one behind the red … Read More

What Happened Here?!

    What A Sad Feature Display At the Store’s Entrance Entrances are supposed to entice customers further into exploring the store. This sad entrance shows that associates simply don’t care…Too Bad!    

Do and Don’t: Printing Price Signs

Printing prices or handwriting them? Of course handwriting them is so much easier but it also comes across as home-made and very unprofessional unless the handwriting is consistent and beautifully executed.   DO: If your handwriting is less than perfect, opt for a printer. It adds business credibility and supports the products’ value.  CAN BE IMPROVED: Selling formal wear requires … Read More

Do and Don’t: Windows Deserve Respect

Windows are there to SELL to customers. They are usually the first thing customers see and therefore, the start of a selling process. Placing inventory boxes or garbage right in this location just because there is room, is counter productive to what the store is trying to achieve. DO: Allocating space around a display builds both business and product credibility. … Read More