Do and Don’t: Window NO NOs

When small stores need the window space to merchandise products for sale, one way to create this set-up is to group things by colour within a category to make it look like products belong in a single theme. DO: With multiple items from different suppliers, this window still maintains its integrity simply by being grouped by colour. The large clear … Read More

Do and Don’t: Retail Carts Need Visual Merchandising Too!

Most retail carts sell price point goods, hence most operators do not bother with creative displays. Don’t they realize that carts are selling spaces too and thus need to maximize all opportunties to sell? DO: Handbags displayed with their faces out attract more attention than if they were displayed sideways. Besides, customers purchase handbags for their face design, not how … Read More

Do and Don’t: When Negative Space is Good

DO: Negative space from the floor is a good thing. Keep items off the ground to keep their perceived values. No one wants to purchase clothing that’s been sitting on the floor. DON’T: Items hitting the floor sends a negative impression. Keep merchandise at least three inches off the ground. Most customers’ impression of the floor is that it is … Read More

Do and Don’t: Customers Pay Attention to Details

DO: This window display shows attention to detail. Everything is well laid out and the back graphics support the overall theme. DON’T: Right across the mall hallway from the window shown above, is this window below. An otherwise beautiful window display is ruined by the backdrop. Do they think customers will not see this detail?! The implications do not stop … Read More

Do and Don’t: Am I Too Fat?

DO: Allow enough room for customers to browse through merchandise on the back wall. After all, there are more merchandise displayed here than on the front feature table. At least three feet of space between fixtures is good. DON’T: I realize that space is at a premium, however who can ever fit in between this feature table and the wall … Read More

Do and Don’t: When Backlighting Backfires

DO: Backlighting is a great strategy to attract customer attention and drive them to a specific area. However, additional lighting in front is needed to balance the bright back wall. DON’T: See what I mean if the front is not lit and only the back is?¬† While this may marginally work for items such as eyeglasses/sunglasses, other merchandise displays fail … Read More

Do and Don’t: Hello? Anyone Home?!

DO: A warm and welcoming¬†storefront converses to customers not only through signage but also its feature products. DON’T: I was sitting outside this shop for well over half an hour and not a single soul seem to be working in this entrance section. What a wasted opportunity as many people passed by seeing this empty storefront. Avoid wasting any chance … Read More

Do and Don’t: Layout-Category Placement

DO: Keep your merchandise category layout organized and logically sequenced. This makes shopping so much easier. Best of all, it encourages multiple sales between categories. Fixtures that form mini sections can create a clean delineation between categories. DON’T: Refrain from placing merchandise without careful thought of the story you would like to convey.