WHOA! Mystery Store

Let’s see…a grocery store for sure. With all the mess outside of cardboard boxes and buggies full of MORE empty boxes, are they moving out? Moving in? What kind of store?  Hmm, no name, only a faded Fresh Vegetable sign. A fresh product store it must be! Curious, I went in to check it out. Fresh Produce? None. Or maybe … Read More

Do and Don’t: What’s Your Statement?

The front area of the store is crucial in that not only do they contain the feature display, they also communicate to customers. What do they convey? They inform shoppers of what’s new, making a fashion statement of who the store targets and hopefully grab that customer deeper into the shop.   DO: A good statement up front conveys the … Read More

Do and Don’t: When Height Matters

DO: The bust forms displayed atop the table is just the right height to relate to the products displayed in front of it. DON’T: Removing the wooden stand will make this bust form display better. Not only will it fall within the lit area, the display will be easier to view as well. The way it is currently displayed highlights the stand … Read More