The Power of Power Walls

What is a POWER WALL and what does it do? Most retailers choose to create a Power Wall in order to draw shoppers to an otherwise challenged area. They also convey product dominance over a Core Category by showing a single product throughout an entire wall display. By virtue of a single product display, the strategy of Repetition is inevitable, … Read More


Ever wonder how some displays are so much more appealing than others? How some set-ups invite the customers’s touch- making it irresistible? The folding breakfast table in the photo used to be displayed as is, with no props and no special lighting. Although the $35 price is in itself irresistible, turnover was very poor. I created this arrangement using contrasting textures … Read More

The Difference the Right Fixture Makes = SALES

By simply viewing the 2 displays of the same white vases, can you guess its value? When I asked my students at BCIT to guess product prices, they valued the white vases on the left to be about $30-50. When shown the picture on the right, they valued it much higher, at about $100 and up. To be honest, the … Read More

How TRIANGLES helped this retailer achieve 118% Increase in Sales in January

Last week I showed you how triangles can bring interest and movement to an otherwise static display. This time, I want to show you the power triangles have in sales. The before photo on the top show the original way this product group was displayed, which is horizontally. When I implemented the triangle strategy to the same product and incorporating … Read More

Colour As A Way to Get Customers To SHOP A DEAD SPACE

Still with the theme of colour, this time, I used it to get shoppers to visit a challenged area of the shop. When the core products are housed in the opposite end of the store, peripherals need to be strongly presented. In this case, I used my favorite traffic stopping colour of RED to attract attention. Not shown in the … Read More

Display Height IS an Issue

A few weeks back I posted an image of beautifully sewn exquisite long gowns that were dragging the floor. This week, it is the opposite. These pants are hung so high up, I could not reach the hangers to take one to try, nor can I look for the size I want. Is that what the step stool is for? Why … Read More

Large Format Graphics Catch The Eye From Afar

I admire how this larger than life display grabbed my attention- for such small luxury merchandise. Most premium items such as prestige jewelry or small leather goods use small picture windows instead of the floor to ceiling ones like this. Windows like the ones used at Tiffany & Co. often use beautiful intricate displays. This one on the other hand is a great alternative … Read More

Colour Categories Work Very Well

I find that categorizing products, especially fashion, work very well by colour group. Women not only find this convenient, as we mostly buy the colours we usually wear, but also very appealing. There is something about colour organization that interests me and attracts my attention. All warm tones together and cool tones together. For small items like these jewelry, they can … Read More

Ipad, Ipad, Everywhere Ipad

Since I saw ipads as a standard of All Saints Spitalfields’ merchandise display many years ago, they are now ubiquitous. No matter, as a shopper, I still like them. Case and point, I was shopping for a book and could not find it on the shelves. Presto, go online, find it available with free shipping and shopping is done! 

Too low in product intensity is not good

It fascinates me how shopping behaviour can easily be influenced depending on the stimuli. Case and point, product intensity. We often associate low product intensity with higher price points for prestige luxury type products, that I know as a fact. Just picture a lone Hermes bag displayed in one shelf with light shining down on it. However what happens if popular or … Read More