Do and Don’t: Raw Chicken and Chips

DO: Pasta sauce and pasta, a combination made in heaven. DON’T: I know they’re not on the same gondola but really?! How appetizing is it to buy crunchy chips after viewing raw chicken?

Do and Don’t: Windows as Selling Opportunities

DO: Windows are a great opportunity to commence the selling process. Take this opportunity to dress mannequins in the latest arrivals and entice customers to come in for a closer look. DON’T: Apart from being bare, this window mannequin gets the wrong kind of attention. This also shows lack of attention and care for business.

Do and Don’t: Signs that Enhance Product Values

DO: Premium ladies’ fashions requires signage that supports its image and identity. The Jones New York sign above shows how sign fabrication enhances perceived values of clothing displayed. DON’T: Really?! Orange with black and white, with super exciting background superbly fails to convey the clothing line’s exclusivity and premium quality.

Do and Don’t: Easy Access to Selling Spaces

DO: Create mini racetracks in tight spaces. This ensures smooth traffic flow. DON’T: Avoid boxing in a tight space. I was not sure who the shop owners think will jump over fixtures to shop this space.

Do and Don’t: Access to the Store

DO: Ensure that the shop is presentable and ready for business during shop hours. All inventory boxes are taken away and out of sight. DON’T: leave inventory boxes around the shop, much less block the shop’s main entrance.

Do and Don’t: Tiny Products

DO/ Better Display: This is a better display compared to the one below. Taller items are easily reachable and there is less of a negative space in between displayed products. DON’T: Notice how the smallest items are displayed on the lowest shelf? This makes it not only difficult to view, but also hard to reach. One practically has to crouch … Read More

Do and Don’t: Window Message

DO: This is a great window display promoting men’s leather jackets. The store layered the exact same message three times in a single glance- front window graphics, the mannequin and the large poster behind. This achieves greater impact. Besides, it is always more effective to tell one story at a time. DON’T: The mannequins and graphics on the glass promote … Read More

Do and Don’t: Hodge Podge Displays

DO: Make it easy to buy! Within a single category such as souvenirs, group like items together. E.G. Food within its own subgroup and gifts in another. DON’T: Avoid displaying all kinds of souvenirs together. Products lose their credibility and perceived values when it is in a hodge podge display.

Do and Don’t: Customer Service Delivery

DO: Enlighten customers with product information. Better yet, let them touch/try merchandise. This is a tipping point to encourage an emotional attachment with the product. DON’T: Ignore customers as if they don’t exist. Hello? Anyone home?!