Woohoo Wine! Super exciting signs…

I’ve always associated wine with a more sophisticated and elegant lifestyle. You know, the Mussels and Malbec target market. Though I also know that some price points have become popular, I firmly believe that wine retailers must at least continue to enhance their products’  value regardless of price- as value and price are two different things. I also associate VQA wines for … Read More

Do store really check their pricing?

Hello?! Hello?! Is someone behind that computer responsible for product pricing? I wonder if stores really even check their pricing or they just leave everything to the computer. In this digital age, I thought they’d have ‘pricing’ all figured out. However, there must be a person behind that computer, don’t you think so? At any rate, if there is someone responsible for … Read More

Look UP, Waaaaaaay UP, No?

How high should displays be? At what level do they become ineffective? I am sure many of you will have differing opinions- some will say ‘well, it depends how high the ceiling is’, or ‘it depends how big the selling space is’ etc. But I think we will all agree the photo below shows this height for display is totally … Read More

BOOMERS: When your ARMS aren’t as LONG as they should be

Ever notice as you age, oops, I mean mature, that you now need to read small text with your arms outstretched? Well, what if your arm is no longer long enough to distance the text? Funny how the very population that buy the most medication have to contend with reading teeny tiny print on drug labels. I saw this at … Read More

Do and Don’t: Is MESSY Part of Your Retail Identity?

How much mess is acceptable? Some people say when a bin is messy, its a sign that business is good and there are tons of customers in the store. I agree- it is sometimes ok for bins to be messy- especially during busy times. However where does one draw the line? What about feature displays? Power wall displays? When does … Read More

Do and Don’t: Show me the Light!

DO: Darkened areas can make a store look dramatic. In this case, eyes are drawn to feature highlights such as the focal display right at the centre and makes the power wall products visually pronounced. DON’T: A darkened area just because the lighting is inadequate or out of order is hardly the way to sell prestige cosmetics—Especially when customers are … Read More

Do and Don’t: Its a Trap!

Ever decide NOT to walk into a shop because it looks like there are no exit pathways? Funny how some retailers fail to realize that the more crowded a space is, the less likely customers will penetrate that selling space.Customers do not want to feel trapped and unable to quickly exit any space.DO: Front the storefront, customers can see that … Read More

Do and Don’t: Can’t See!

GIVEN the choice, will customers still fully penetrate a selling space if they cannot view the shop or will they simply walk past it?DO: A beautiful display setting that leads the eye from the front low table to the way to the back wall. Guess which direction customer traffic will go? They will surely visit each unit from the front … Read More

Do and Don’t: Are we out of stock?

DO: Product intensity at a prestige shop is less, to correctly convey high price point, high value and its exclusivity. DON’T: A popularly priced gift shop should intensify its merchandise display to maintain a consistent message of its price point and target market. The photo below shows the store to be sadly lacking in inventory.