How TRIANGLES helped this retailer achieve 118% Increase in Sales in January

Last week I showed you how triangles can bring interest and movement to an otherwise static display. This time, I want to show you the power triangles have in sales. The before photo on the top show the original way this product group was displayed, which is horizontally. When I implemented the triangle strategy to the same product and incorporating … Read More

Great Way To Get Shoppers to view the entire display

Last week, I showed you how I used colour to get the EYE all the way to the back of the shop, and thus get shoppers to walk the entire store. Today, I want to show you a similar technique, this time within a display. Notice the use of colour blue in this set-up. Far afar, the eye will likely … Read More

Using Colour To Increase Sales

I thought to share with you a technique I use to get shoppers to the back wall. Thus far, it has always worked. This is easy to implement and shops do have items they can use to create this flow. The photo below shows a feature display up front. Notice the use of red in this display. Most eyes will … Read More

Display Height IS an Issue

A few weeks back I posted an image of beautifully sewn exquisite long gowns that were dragging the floor. This week, it is the opposite. These pants are hung so high up, I could not reach the hangers to take one to try, nor can I look for the size I want. Is that what the step stool is for? Why … Read More

When the Wrong Display Height Devalues Merchandise

How long is too long? I say garments should ideally be at least 3 inches of the ground. I am not a fan of garments that sweep the floor. I believe in giving merchandise it proper display fixture (not rolling racks commonly used for clearance merchandise) not only to support but whenever possible, enhance its perceived value. Beautiful shop, elegant … Read More

Colour Categories Work Very Well

I find that categorizing products, especially fashion, work very well by colour group. Women not only find this convenient, as we mostly buy the colours we usually wear, but also very appealing. There is something about colour organization that interests me and attracts my attention. All warm tones together and cool tones together. For small items like these jewelry, they can … Read More

Hello?! Did someone forget something?

Wow, nice display! Someone certainly took the time and effort to create this lovely display. But wait a moment…did someone forget something? You know, the most important part of any display? Clue: the products maybe? 

70% OFF Sale! Uh…where?!

Just like anyone, I LOOVVEEEE a good sale. You know, the ones where your heart skips a beat and your feet just unconsciously walks toward the shop? Make it doubly so as the sale was for shoes! With expectations of finding things (up to- boy do I hate that disclaimer) 70% off, I told my husband to please please please wait, … Read More

This is dedicated to all petite women out there

For the height challenged shopper like me, I GREATLY APPRECIATE it when retailers think of me when displaying their merchandise. Believe it or not, if you google average women’s height, it comes out to be about 5’3″ to 5’4″. This actually makes me the average. If this is the case, why then do retailers display products so high up that … Read More

Woohoo Wine! Super exciting signs…

I’ve always associated wine with a more sophisticated and elegant lifestyle. You know, the Mussels and Malbec target market. Though I also know that some price points have become popular, I firmly believe that wine retailers must at least continue to enhance their products’  value regardless of price- as value and price are two different things. I also associate VQA wines for … Read More