Look UP, Waaaaaaay UP, No?

How high should displays be? At what level do they become ineffective? I am sure many of you will have differing opinions- some will say ‘well, it depends how high the ceiling is’, or ‘it depends how big the selling space is’ etc. But I think we will all agree the photo below shows this height for display is totally … Read More

How to Easily DEVALUE a BRAND

Its funny how it seems that some companies view their employees as second class citizens. As if they are not deserving of a good retail setting. Case and point, take a look at this employee store. From the exterior, you can already tell that it looks like an ad hoc retail space. Trust me, the interior pretty much is summed … Read More

BOOMERS: When your ARMS aren’t as LONG as they should be

Ever notice as you age, oops, I mean mature, that you now need to read small text with your arms outstretched? Well, what if your arm is no longer long enough to distance the text? Funny how the very population that buy the most medication have to contend with reading teeny tiny print on drug labels. I saw this at … Read More

Valentine’s in December?! How soon is too soon?

Yes, we see Christmas displays as early as August now. I wonder how many feel August is too soon to think about the holidays. I am sure emotions range from extremely resentful to acceptance. While it is customary for a number of retailers to present products as early as a month before an occasion, merchandising them while a major holiday … Read More

Ahhh, the Bellagio Las Vegas HOLIDAY displays…

For those of you who have been to Bellagio Las Vegas, you know the fantastic garden displays they have. I was there just a few weeks ago and they did not disappoint with their autumn garden. Too bad, I left just when they were converting the garden to their holiday display. That would’ve been a sight to behold. No matter, … Read More

Uhmmm, LONGER ARMS required to buy these shoes

My friend Giz, an avid runner was looking for Asics running shoes. She visits a sporting goods shop, spots the Asics, then realizes that it isn’t that easy to access them. At this point, she could: A: Grow long arms to reach the display; B: Squeeze through the sides where clothing is displayed then gingerly reach for the shoe she … Read More

OH DEAR! It isn’t often I am left SPEECHLESS

Is this cheap imitation home accessories or is it finely made to make your home look like Versailles? Take a guess? Display looks cheap, especially the painting with cardboard still on the edges and orange price stickers. But…somehow I find this display unsettling. So many people passed by and I can hear them say must be expensive but looks very … Read More

Eye Catching Retail Kiosk at Heathrow Terminal 5

Saw this set up while walking around Heathrow Terminal 5 in London. This is a simple pop-up concept in the middle of the hallway, however it is far from the regular kiosk we normally find. Fixtures used create an immediate impact on the atmosphere of the selling space. Additional lighting on the individual shelves highlight product that regular hallway lighting … Read More

Do and Don’t: RMUs- How Low Can We Go?

Ever wonder what some retailers are thinking when displaying their products? Is their goal just to show as much merchandise as the space allows regardless of visibility? Shouldn’t it be what makes more sense- such as how easily accessible and viewed products are from the customer’s viewpoint? After all, some empty space is good as it gives the eye a … Read More