Do and Don’t: RMU Romancing the Customer

I often see the sad state of displays whenever I shop. I feel sad for the beautiful products that are just placed haphazardly as if the owner didn’t care. Even marked down pieces deserve a nice set-up.   DO: Retail Merchandising Unit Display (RMU) The display is given structure and several design elements are utilized. There is direction, there is … Read More

Do and Don’t: RMUs- How Low Can We Go?

Ever wonder what some retailers are thinking when displaying their products? Is their goal just to show as much merchandise as the space allows regardless of visibility? Shouldn’t it be what makes more sense- such as how easily accessible and viewed products are from the customer’s viewpoint? After all, some empty space is good as it gives the eye a … Read More

Do and Don’t: Retail Carts Need Visual Merchandising Too!

Most retail carts sell price point goods, hence most operators do not bother with creative displays. Don’t they realize that carts are selling spaces too and thus need to maximize all opportunties to sell? DO: Handbags displayed with their faces out attract more attention than if they were displayed sideways. Besides, customers purchase handbags for their face design, not how … Read More