Do and Don’t: Housekeeping is MAJOR

I understand how store can be busy and when delivery comes in, it adds to the chaos. However, is it acceptable at any one point to line boxes along an aisle, thereby blocking access to merchandise? Isn’t that lost sales? DO: Clean clear aisles are inviting and does not deter customers from coming in despite the line up at the … Read More

Do and Don’t: Replenishment IS critical

DO: Full product intensity on the shelves convey messages of abundance and good business. To top it off, the chip salsas merchandised near eye level silently¬†multiple sells. DON’T: Uhh… would you really buy one of these chips? How old are they? Not only do they look uninviting, it also looks like the store doesn’t have much to sell and business … Read More

Do and Don’t: Housekeeping- Inventory Replenishment

DO: This is a wonderful display. One that is not only fully merchandised but invites customers to buy in multiples- a top, a jacket and pants. DON’T: Don’t leave a selling opportunity unutilized at any moment. What a waste of prime real estate!