Help Customers Understand Your New Product Offerings

Nowadays it is easy to find foreign retailers amongst our neighborhood shopping areas. However, some of the products they sell are not necessarily popular locally nor familiar to shoppers. For example, this featured retailer carried office and school supplies. If you are Asian, you would know what variety of notebook paper sizes these binders are for. However, if you have … Read More

When Making it Easy to Buy Results in Multiple Sales

They are many ways retailers can make it easier for their customers to buy. One of these ways is to simply arrange the merchandise in such a way that—that is exactly how customers will be using them at home. For example, this unit that sells facial skin care is simply grouped together in a single unit; leaving it for customers … Read More

How TRIANGLES helped this retailer achieve 118% Increase in Sales in January

Last week I showed you how triangles can bring interest and movement to an otherwise static display. This time, I want to show you the power triangles have in sales. The before photo on the top show the original way this product group was displayed, which is horizontally. When I implemented the triangle strategy to the same product and incorporating … Read More

Ahhhhhh, what browsing pleasure!

Once in a while, a store display just hits the very right spot and everything is just heavenly. Yes, shopping can be pleasurable instead of being a chore. This store must know how I hate shopping for cosmetics when the shelves are dark and when it so difficult to properly view the products. Notice how these displays are tilted for … Read More

Let’s See…What do I want for dinner…DOGFOOD?!

How funny is this scenario? My sister was shopping for pasta, browsing through the selection, then WHAM! Dog biscuits. Huh? Isn’t this a big head scratching moment? Where do retailers get their merchandising strategy? Or in this case, is there even one? Pet food is nestled between pasta and cookie snacks. YUM! WAIT! Poop scoopers hanging right in front of … Read More

Uhmmm Hello?! Did you guys just FORGET this section?

A GREAT ATTENTION GETTER! Woohoo. Most retaliers would be happy if their displays garnered attention. And in this case, this large national ‘proud to be Canadian’ retailer surely does. The question is…is the attention garnered a positive or a negative one? Does the specific display elevate the store’s overall presentation or at least supports and adds to its appeal? I … Read More

Look UP, Waaaaaaay UP, No?

How high should displays be? At what level do they become ineffective? I am sure many of you will have differing opinions- some will say ‘well, it depends how high the ceiling is’, or ‘it depends how big the selling space is’ etc. But I think we will all agree the photo below shows this height for display is totally … Read More

Do and Don’t: Multiple Selling, Anyone?

DO: A great display shows bags of similar price points and end use. To top it off, the store merchandised the bags with coordinating shoes. Multiple sales, anyone? DON’T: Evening bags displayed alongside backpacks and everyday bags? This display would’ve been better if they segregated a section for evening bags, one for backpacks and one for everyday shoulder bags. Shopping … Read More

Do and Don’t: Raw Chicken and Chips

DO: Pasta sauce and pasta, a combination made in heaven. DON’T: I know they’re not on the same gondola but really?! How appetizing is it to buy crunchy chips after viewing raw chicken?

Do and Don’t: Tiny Products

DO/ Better Display: This is a better display compared to the one below. Taller items are easily reachable and there is less of a negative space in between displayed products. DON’T: Notice how the smallest items are displayed on the lowest shelf? This makes it not only difficult to view, but also hard to reach. One practically has to crouch … Read More