Do and Don’t: Lighting Wall Fixtures

DO: Lighting this disply unit from the front allows customers a good view of the merchandise. DONT: Lighting for this unit can be effective when it is layered with other lighting sources. This display made the sides brighter but the midsection dark.

Do and Don’t: Irrationality of Combinations

IRRATIONALITY OF COMBINATIONSDO: Yes, there is a term for mixing unrelated items in a display. However, the catch is that they still need to belong to a single story as in this case.The display below of table mats and plates may have nothing to do with pillows and birdcage candle holders but they belong in the same colour story. DON’T: … Read More

Do and Don’t: Hodge Podge Displays

DO: Make it easy to buy! Within a single category such as souvenirs, group like items together. E.G. Food within its own subgroup and gifts in another. DON’T: Avoid displaying all kinds of souvenirs together. Products lose their credibility and perceived values when it is in a hodge podge display.

Do and Don’t: Layout-Category Placement

DO: Keep your merchandise category layout organized and logically sequenced. This makes shopping so much easier. Best of all, it encourages multiple sales between categories. Fixtures that form mini sections can create a clean delineation between categories. DON’T: Refrain from placing merchandise without careful thought of the story you would like to convey.

Do and Don’t: Housekeeping- behind the cash desk

DO: Keep back of cash desks neat and tidy. Just because this is the back does not mean customers now have their blinders on. Remember, this is often where the last impression is formed. DON’T: When did backs of cash desks become garbage storage? I was purchasing something from this store and this is the cash counter they used to … Read More

Do and Don’t: Valentine Window Display

I realize that not all retailers can afford to hire professional visual merchandisers to do their window displays all the time. This is just fine, when having the right foundation (in this case, fixtures) and by applying some shape to the set-up can go a long way in creating an eye catching display. DO: (Above) 1. Nesting tables set a … Read More