Hello?! Did someone forget something?

Wow, nice display! Someone certainly took the time and effort to create this lovely display. But wait a moment…did someone forget something? You know, the most important part of any display? Clue: the products maybe? 

Great Attention Grabber

Despite my many years in retail displays, the power of colour to grab the eye never ceases to amaze me. I like how this store catches your attention regardless of the direction you are coming from. Walking on the shopping centre’s main path, your eye cannot help but drift to the bright red power wall. If one is coming from the … Read More

Is this Holiday Window DONE?

Oh, hello? Uhm, did someone NOT finish this window? Or is this holiday window, IT? Did someone actually look at the window from the outside when they dressed it? Let’s see now…is the window display staff missing something? Is this the window planogram head office sent? How about the little guy on the right? You know, the one behind the red … Read More

Do and Don’t: Cubes? Who Knew?!

I mentioned in a previous blog that mannequin displays are appealing when they eye hits near the chest area. But what about kids mannequins? How can they be boosted higher closer to the eye so it hits the right spot? DO: A great kids mannequin display! They are stacked atop cubes of varying heights giving the display an appealing and inviting … Read More

Do and Don’t: Missing Bottoms

Mannequins exist to sell products. They are there to grab customer attention and invite them in for a closer inspection. As with anything in retail, attention to detail is crucial in grabbing the RIGHT attention. DO: I appreciate how the mannequin is dressed and the clothing displayed on it can be immediately found merchandised behind it. Makes shopping a breeze! … Read More

Do and Don’t: When An Empty Space is A Wasted Opportunity

DO: A great focal display informs customers not only of what to expect inside the shop, but also makes a statement on price and value. DON’T: A wasted focal display space! The statement this area is trying to make is incomplete and draws the eye to the wide empty wall space.

Do and Don’t: Lighting

DO: Keeping some areas dark in a window display draws the eye to the bright spot–or wherever the retailer intends to draw attention upon. In this case, to sell a specific lifestyle. DON’T: Keeping the store dark is just bad for business.

Do and Don’t: Adjacencies

DO: Mannequins showcasing the dress collection is fully supported by merchandise found adjacent to it, sharing the same colour story and similar styles. DON’T: A feature display such as the one shown on the mannequin sets an expectation that items similar to it can be found in adjacent units. However, in this case, the adjacent racks show casual T-shirts. Where … Read More