Can’t Miss Branding Message

Ivanhoe Cambridge requested that an unoccupied unit at Metropolis at Metrotown be converted into a lounge area that will fulfill two tasks: the first is to convey that gift cards are not limited to Metrotown but also can be used at any of the other four Ivanhoe Cambridge centres in BC. The second task is to sell the gift cards. … Read More

Effective Categorization = Better Sales & SErvice

What does an effective Category Plan have to do with successful retailing? Well, a lot! Case in point the right photo. A scrapbook shop traditionally presents their merchandise categorized by product type. While this means easier inventory taking for the staff, it is a nightmare for customers looking for products. Scrapbookers create books by occasion or event – such as weddings, … Read More

Who says luxury shop windows are expensive to do?

What don’t I love about this window?! It shows the shop’s latest offerings and at the same time supporting product values. It conveys the holiday season successfully without alienating anyone and more importantly without offending anyone’s belief. Lighting is focused correctly, directing the viewer’s eye to the handbags which is this store’s core merchandise. (The light reflection is my camera’s fault.)  … Read More

Large Format Graphics Catch The Eye From Afar

I admire how this larger than life display grabbed my attention- for such small luxury merchandise. Most premium items such as prestige jewelry or small leather goods use small picture windows instead of the floor to ceiling ones like this. Windows like the ones used at Tiffany & Co. often use beautiful intricate displays. This one on the other hand is a great alternative … Read More

Like the new store design but what’s the name?

Saw this store and was immediately attracted to the design. I love the curved wall and the cleanliness of their displays. It is sleek, modern and contemporary. But for the life of me, I could not figure out its name. I like the font because it goes with the overall design aesthetic, but…no matter how many times I go past … Read More

Too low in product intensity is not good

It fascinates me how shopping behaviour can easily be influenced depending on the stimuli. Case and point, product intensity. We often associate low product intensity with higher price points for prestige luxury type products, that I know as a fact. Just picture a lone Hermes bag displayed in one shelf with light shining down on it. However what happens if popular or … Read More

Let Me Take You On a Roman Holiday

Why shop online at work or at home when you can be transported to Rome just by visiting the Fendi shop in Vegas? Talk about elevating the shopping experience into something memorable! If one can’t simply drop everything and go on a Roman holiday, how about shopping at Fendi stores? While this shop at the Crystals show the famous Trevi fountain, … Read More

Nice strategy to get me Upstairs

Those in retail already know that being on the second level can be a kiss of death to some. However when done right, second level retailing can be successful. I like how All Saints use lighting and feature displays to get customers up their second level. First, as most women shoppers do not mind spending the extra time and effort … Read More

Great Attention Grabber

Despite my many years in retail displays, the power of colour to grab the eye never ceases to amaze me. I like how this store catches your attention regardless of the direction you are coming from. Walking on the shopping centre’s main path, your eye cannot help but drift to the bright red power wall. If one is coming from the … Read More

Ahhhhhh, what browsing pleasure!

Once in a while, a store display just hits the very right spot and everything is just heavenly. Yes, shopping can be pleasurable instead of being a chore. This store must know how I hate shopping for cosmetics when the shelves are dark and when it so difficult to properly view the products. Notice how these displays are tilted for … Read More