Do and Don’t: When Replenishing Means Sales or NO Sales

Retail IS in the details. I wonder how many times I’ve stressed the importance of the simple things that could make or break a retailer’s sales for the day. Replenishment is never romantic, nor is it something everyone looks forward to doing. However, replenishing inventory is key to sales. I wonder how many retailers are losing sales because they fail to do this very … Read More

Do and Don’t: Its a Trap!

Ever decide NOT to walk into a shop because it looks like there are no exit pathways? Funny how some retailers fail to realize that the more crowded a space is, the less likely customers will penetrate that selling space.Customers do not want to feel trapped and unable to quickly exit any space.DO: Front the storefront, customers can see that … Read More

Do and Don’t: Give me a path to walk on

DO: Have a defined layout that allows customers an unobstructed path from the front of the store to all the sections at the back. Identifying strike zones and power wall locations minimize challenged areas. DON’T: When there is no path for customers to follow; and when whatever path there is left to walk on is blocked, shoppers tend to BOOMERANG … Read More

Do and Don’t: How Skinny Should I Be?!

DO: Allow space for customers to walk around a feature display. This provides easy access to all merchandise including those displayed in the back. I don’t need a sale incentive to look through these items. DON’T: Wow, what a deal, 2 suits for $199! However, I wonder who is skinny enough to squeeze through and browse that suits rack?!

Do and Don’t: Easy Access to Selling Spaces

DO: Create mini racetracks in tight spaces. This ensures smooth traffic flow. DON’T: Avoid boxing in a tight space. I was not sure who the shop owners think will jump over fixtures to shop this space.

Do and Don’t: Access to the Store

DO: Ensure that the shop is presentable and ready for business during shop hours. All inventory boxes are taken away and out of sight. DON’T: leave inventory boxes around the shop, much less block the shop’s main entrance.

Do and Don’t:Layout – Narrow Shops

DON’T: A bowling alley space does not encourage shoppers to shop the store fully- especially the back area. The tall units also hinder sightlines. DO: When in a narrow space, give customers a reason to visit the back section. In this case, the cash desk was moved to this challenged space getting people to visit this area. This move also … Read More

Retail Do and Don’t: Layout / Entryway

DO: A clearly defined entryway invites customers to walk further into the store. DON’T: Gondola units that block an entryway hinders not only sight lines but also the main traffic flow into the shop.

Retail Do and Don’t: Layout / Aisles

DO: Ensure an open pathway for shopper traffic to easily penetrate your shop interior. Keep a minimum of 3′ for aisle space. DON’T: Blocking aisles with fixtures is a surefire way to discourage customers from fully shopping your selling space.