When Its Better To Remove The Fixture

When inventory becomes a problem and a shipment fails to arrive in time or when there is simply few items left, it is far better to remove a mass merchandise floor fixture and present the products in either a table or somewhere else where they can be integrated with a similar category. I don’t know about you, but when there are … Read More

When logistics becomes an issue

Being in retail for so long, I am aware how challenging it can be when stock do not arrive in time. I also know that no stock means no sales, and no sales, well…you know. However, as retailers I think effort must be made to make the store look full regardless. One way to achieve this is to either reduce … Read More

Calling all Tall Women, There’s a Store for You

When one is of average stature like me, I have to admit I do get envious of tall women. Things just all seem within easy reach for them. Case and point, these dresses. Makes one wonder if this store’s target market are amazonian women who are tall enough to take one dress down for a closer look. Are they then telling women … Read More

This is dedicated to all petite women out there

For the height challenged shopper like me, I GREATLY APPRECIATE it when retailers think of me when displaying their merchandise. Believe it or not, if you google average women’s height, it comes out to be about 5’3″ to 5’4″. This actually makes me the average. If this is the case, why then do retailers display products so high up that … Read More

Do store really check their pricing?

Hello?! Hello?! Is someone behind that computer responsible for product pricing? I wonder if stores really even check their pricing or they just leave everything to the computer. In this digital age, I thought they’d have ‘pricing’ all figured out. However, there must be a person behind that computer, don’t you think so? At any rate, if there is someone responsible for … Read More

Let’s See…What do I want for dinner…DOGFOOD?!

How funny is this scenario? My sister was shopping for pasta, browsing through the selection, then WHAM! Dog biscuits. Huh? Isn’t this a big head scratching moment? Where do retailers get their merchandising strategy? Or in this case, is there even one? Pet food is nestled between pasta and cookie snacks. YUM! WAIT! Poop scoopers hanging right in front of … Read More

Valentine’s in December?! How soon is too soon?

Yes, we see Christmas displays as early as August now. I wonder how many feel August is too soon to think about the holidays. I am sure emotions range from extremely resentful to acceptance. While it is customary for a number of retailers to present products as early as a month before an occasion, merchandising them while a major holiday … Read More

What Happened Here?!

    What A Sad Feature Display At the Store’s Entrance Entrances are supposed to entice customers further into exploring the store. This sad entrance shows that associates simply don’t care…Too Bad!    

Do and Don’t: Housekeeping is MAJOR

I understand how store can be busy and when delivery comes in, it adds to the chaos. However, is it acceptable at any one point to line boxes along an aisle, thereby blocking access to merchandise? Isn’t that lost sales? DO: Clean clear aisles are inviting and does not deter customers from coming in despite the line up at the … Read More

Do and Don’t: Replenishment IS critical

DO: Full product intensity on the shelves convey messages of abundance and good business. To top it off, the chip salsas merchandised near eye level silently multiple sells. DON’T: Uhh… would you really buy one of these chips? How old are they? Not only do they look uninviting, it also looks like the store doesn’t have much to sell and business … Read More