What is Your Pricing Strategy?

Which is better? A flat price such as $10 or $9.99? or $9.98? or…$9.97? In general, value items are better when ‘CHARM’ priced. This means having less digits on the left such as $9.99 rather than $10.00, For prestige items, the reverse is true. A designer shirt is better off being $500 than $499.99. This way, there is faster emotional connection … Read More

Time to Talk About Product Intensity

Product Intensity refers to the amount of merchandise placed in a given space. The higher the intensity, the fuller the shelves. The lower the intensity, well, you get the picture. Most high end boutiques have a lower intensity. The space that surround a products is as important as the product itself in conveying the brand’s prestige, its exclusive appeal and … Read More

Help Customers Understand Your New Product Offerings

Nowadays it is easy to find foreign retailers amongst our neighborhood shopping areas. However, some of the products they sell are not necessarily popular locally nor familiar to shoppers. For example, this featured retailer carried office and school supplies. If you are Asian, you would know what variety of notebook paper sizes these binders are for. However, if you have … Read More

When Making it Easy to Buy Results in Multiple Sales

They are many ways retailers can make it easier for their customers to buy. One of these ways is to simply arrange the merchandise in such a way that—that is exactly how customers will be using them at home. For example, this unit that sells facial skin care is simply grouped together in a single unit; leaving it for customers … Read More

Can the Right Fixtures Make A Difference?

I received an email from a retailer asking how she can fully utilize her shop to showcase as much inventory as possible. At this time, her stock room is full to bursting. The top image show her shop and a free flow layout, as well as the various fixtures she uses to showcase her products. With a tight budget, I … Read More

Hello?! Did someone forget something?

Wow, nice display! Someone certainly took the time and effort to create this lovely display. But wait a moment…did someone forget something? You know, the most important part of any display? Clue: the products maybe? 

Uhhh…Where are the products?

I understand theft can be a problem. However I also know that one of the best ways to deter theft is to greet the customer and have eye contact. However this does not explain why merchandising shelves with great poster graphics ready to sell, simply aren’t selling the very products they are trying to promote. Love the repetition strategy in place, like … Read More

Too low in product intensity is not good

It fascinates me how shopping behaviour can easily be influenced depending on the stimuli. Case and point, product intensity. We often associate low product intensity with higher price points for prestige luxury type products, that I know as a fact. Just picture a lone Hermes bag displayed in one shelf with light shining down on it. However what happens if popular or … Read More

I Don’t Like Being Misled

Take a look at these two photos. What do you think this shop sells? When I first saw it, I got excited. Being a tea lover, I enjoy checking out new tea shops and look forward to sampling new flavours. I walk into this store and started perusing the tea pots on display but got confused as a sales associate … Read More