Ceiling Displays…Hmmmm

I am not sure about you, but I like things in their proper places. I do admit that as a VM, I have an OCD affliction. My clothes are hung left to right, by colour grouping and light to dark with sleeveless to long sleeves within each group. Sleeves of course are combed. When shopping, I also like stores that … Read More

Am I the only one with ocd?!

I have passed by this store so many times and each time, my eyes are drawn to their storefront lighting. Yes, it is absolutely great that their entrance is well lit, however am I the only one that notices that they are missing one drop down lamp? You know, the one on the right most? What is it? Did they … Read More

BOOMERS: When your ARMS aren’t as LONG as they should be

Ever notice as you age, oops, I mean mature, that you now need to read small text with your arms outstretched? Well, what if your arm is no longer long enough to distance the text? Funny how the very population that buy the most medication have to contend with reading teeny tiny print on drug labels. I saw this at … Read More

Do and Don’t: Light Up!

Do you know that the brightest stores catches the most eyes? Ditto with the brightest spots inside a selling space, hence features and focals gets the most light. I am not saying to equally light up the entire floor, as lighting when used properly, can create drama and lead the eye from one point to the next. That is why I often … Read More

Do and Don’t: Show me the Light!

DO: Darkened areas can make a store look dramatic. In this case, eyes are drawn to feature highlights such as the focal display right at the centre and makes the power wall products visually pronounced. DON’T: A darkened area just because the lighting is inadequate or out of order is hardly the way to sell prestige cosmetics—Especially when customers are … Read More

Do and Don’t: Is It Me or Is It Dark In Here?!

DO: Lighting each shelf over and above general store lighting is a great way to make products more visible. DON’T: While there seems enough ambient lighting, shadows and dark areas abound especially on lower shelving displays. This causes a visibility issue and thus makes the products harder to sell.

Do and Don’t: Who Turned Off the Lights?!

DO: When majority of the merchandise is small in size, adequate lighting allow customers a good view of the items being sold. This also makes the store more inviting and sets a positive tone for shopping. DON’T: Customers have a hard time reading product labels and packaging inside this toy and games store.

Do and Don’t: Lighting Wall Fixtures

DO: Lighting this disply unit from the front allows customers a good view of the merchandise. DONT: Lighting for this unit can be effective when it is layered with other lighting sources. This display made the sides brighter but the midsection dark.

Do and Don’t: Lighting- How unromantic!

DO: Ensure that in-store lighting is well mainted from selling spaces to task areas such as the cash desk. Brightest spots are usually found right by the lease line, task areas and focal displays. DON’T Ignore busted light bulbs. While it may seem harmless leaving a burnt out lightbulb, remember, a selling area becomes dim and less attractive to customers. … Read More

Do and Don’t: Lighting

DO: Keeping some areas dark in a window display draws the eye to the bright spot–or wherever the retailer intends to draw attention upon. In this case, to sell a specific lifestyle. DON’T: Keeping the store dark is just bad for business.