Clearing Obstruction Yielded Highest Sales

How does one get customers to shop the entire selling space? Could it be as simple as moving obstructions out of the way? YES! In the ‘after’ photo, we simply moved the tall greeting card units to the side, near the cash wrap section. The space now becomes open and inviting. The bench in the middle was placed to ‘park’ … Read More

When logistics becomes an issue

Being in retail for so long, I am aware how challenging it can be when stock do not arrive in time. I also know that no stock means no sales, and no sales, well…you know. However, as retailers I think effort must be made to make the store look full regardless. One way to achieve this is to either reduce … Read More

Uhmmm Hello?! Did you guys just FORGET this section?

A GREAT ATTENTION GETTER! Woohoo. Most retaliers would be happy if their displays garnered attention. And in this case, this large national ‘proud to be Canadian’ retailer surely does. The question is…is the attention garnered a positive or a negative one? Does the specific display elevate the store’s overall presentation or at least supports and adds to its appeal? I … Read More

How to Easily DEVALUE a BRAND

Its funny how it seems that some companies view their employees as second class citizens. As if they are not deserving of a good retail setting. Case and point, take a look at this employee store. From the exterior, you can already tell that it looks like an ad hoc retail space. Trust me, the interior pretty much is summed … Read More

BOOMERS: When your ARMS aren’t as LONG as they should be

Ever notice as you age, oops, I mean mature, that you now need to read small text with your arms outstretched? Well, what if your arm is no longer long enough to distance the text? Funny how the very population that buy the most medication have to contend with reading teeny tiny print on drug labels. I saw this at … Read More

Prestige Designer Window FAILS

I have a healthy respect for window designers. Throughout my career in retail, I have known the breed of visual merchandisers like myself to be very meticulous where attention to detail is paramount. Over the years, when stores are cutting costs and now have their store staff implement window displays from planograms, I somehow feel that majority of the retailers … Read More

What Happened Here?!

    What A Sad Feature Display At the Store’s Entrance Entrances are supposed to entice customers further into exploring the store. This sad entrance shows that associates simply don’t care…Too Bad!    

Do and Don’t: Windows Deserve Respect

Windows are there to SELL to customers. They are usually the first thing customers see and therefore, the start of a selling process. Placing inventory boxes or garbage right in this location just because there is room, is counter productive to what the store is trying to achieve. DO: Allocating space around a display builds both business and product credibility. … Read More

Do and Don’t: Housekeeping is MAJOR

I understand how store can be busy and when delivery comes in, it adds to the chaos. However, is it acceptable at any one point to line boxes along an aisle, thereby blocking access to merchandise? Isn’t that lost sales? DO: Clean clear aisles are inviting and does not deter customers from coming in despite the line up at the … Read More

Do and Don’t: Bugged by the Bag

In some outdoor city markets such those in Asia, where pollution and dust is a big issue, retailers will often have one single clothing item on display and the rest in their original plastic wrap. This is how customers prefer to buy them as they are assured of a clean garment and retailers do not mind as labour costs are not high. However … Read More