OH DEAR! It isn’t often I am left SPEECHLESS

Is this cheap imitation home accessories or is it finely made to make your home look like Versailles? Take a guess? Display looks cheap, especially the painting with cardboard still on the edges and orange price stickers. But…somehow I find this display unsettling. So many people passed by and I can hear them say must be expensive but looks very … Read More

Do and Don’t: IF You Have to Really Use Slatwalls

DO: Did I ever mention I like slatwalls the least? However I do understand retailers preferring them for their versatility. However I believe there are several other fixture¬†options to attaining the same versatility without sacrificing the look. At any rate the photo above is a DO if ever slatwalls are used. Not only is it in wood veneer, it also … Read More

Do and Don’t: Hello? Anyone Home?!

DO: A warm and welcoming¬†storefront converses to customers not only through signage but also its feature products. DON’T: I was sitting outside this shop for well over half an hour and not a single soul seem to be working in this entrance section. What a wasted opportunity as many people passed by seeing this empty storefront. Avoid wasting any chance … Read More

Do and Don’t: Display Merchandising

DO: A strong merchandise story is presented not only through colour and theme but also sharing the same functional end-use. DON’T: Hardly a logical display! Clothing shown has absolutely nothing to do with home decor accessories surrounding it.