Let’s See…What do I want for dinner…DOGFOOD?!

How funny is this scenario? My sister was shopping for pasta, browsing through the selection, then WHAM! Dog biscuits. Huh? Isn’t this a big head scratching moment? Where do retailers get their merchandising strategy? Or in this case, is there even one? Pet food is nestled between pasta and cookie snacks. YUM! WAIT! Poop scoopers hanging right in front of … Read More

WHOA! Mystery Store

Let’s see…a grocery store for sure. With all the mess outside of cardboard boxes and buggies full of MORE empty boxes, are they moving out? Moving in? What kind of store?  Hmm, no name, only a faded Fresh Vegetable sign. A fresh product store it must be! Curious, I went in to check it out. Fresh Produce? None. Or maybe … Read More