Do and Don’t: IF You Have to Really Use Slatwalls

DO: Did I ever mention I like slatwalls the least? However I do understand retailers preferring them for their versatility. However I believe there are several other fixture options to attaining the same versatility without sacrificing the look. At any rate the photo above is a DO if ever slatwalls are used. Not only is it in wood veneer, it also … Read More

Do and Don’t: When Backlighting Backfires

DO: Backlighting is a great strategy to attract customer attention and drive them to a specific area. However, additional lighting in front is needed to balance the bright back wall. DON’T: See what I mean if the front is not lit and only the back is?  While this may marginally work for items such as eyeglasses/sunglasses, other merchandise displays fail … Read More