Ever wonder how some displays are so much more appealing than others? How some set-ups invite the customers’s touch- making it irresistible? The folding breakfast table in the photo used to be displayed as is, with no props and no special lighting. Although the $35 price is in itself irresistible, turnover was very poor. I created this arrangement using contrasting textures … Read More

It is best to sell one idea at a time

When creating displays that build emotional connections, I often recommend selling only one idea at a time. Case and point the top photo showing 3 types of pet dishes/cannister. While they all share the same classification of end use, there are three distinct colour themes. The most effective way to the shopper’s heart is take one idea and build a … Read More

The SHAPE that Sells

I love TRIANGLES. What is there not to love? I get shoppers eye’s excited by introducing movement to an otherwise static display. Triangles are not limited to an upward and downward movement as the case shown below. Triangles can also be implemented when products are on a single level. In this example, the apex is closest to the customer and … Read More

Who says luxury shop windows are expensive to do?

What don’t I love about this window?! It shows the shop’s latest offerings and at the same time supporting product values. It conveys the holiday season successfully without alienating anyone and more importantly without offending anyone’s belief. Lighting is focused correctly, directing the viewer’s eye to the handbags which is this store’s core merchandise. (The light reflection is my camera’s fault.)  … Read More

Look What They Did To This Wall!

A wall can be made into an effective Power Wall when displayed with a single category such as the Jeans wall at the Gap or Old Navy. This will indeed convey product dominance. However, sometimes, when merchandise is premium priced and intensity* becomes an issue, how does one create a wall that grabs attention without a large investment? This Louboutin … Read More

When Its Better To Remove The Fixture

When inventory becomes a problem and a shipment fails to arrive in time or when there is simply few items left, it is far better to remove a mass merchandise floor fixture and present the products in either a table or somewhere else where they can be integrated with a similar category. I don’t know about you, but when there are … Read More

Let Me Take You On a Roman Holiday

Why shop online at work or at home when you can be transported to Rome just by visiting the Fendi shop in Vegas? Talk about elevating the shopping experience into something memorable! If one can’t simply drop everything and go on a Roman holiday, how about shopping at Fendi stores? While this shop at the Crystals show the famous Trevi fountain, … Read More

Ahhhhhh, what browsing pleasure!

Once in a while, a store display just hits the very right spot and everything is just heavenly. Yes, shopping can be pleasurable instead of being a chore. This store must know how I hate shopping for cosmetics when the shelves are dark and when it so difficult to properly view the products. Notice how these displays are tilted for … Read More

What Happened Here?!

    What A Sad Feature Display At the Store’s Entrance Entrances are supposed to entice customers further into exploring the store. This sad entrance shows that associates simply don’t care…Too Bad!