Do and Don’t: $500 Sitting Atop a Box?!

Shocked I tell you, I am shocked to see a $500 item sitting atop an inventory box. Is retail space in such a premium that a shelf could not be spared? When I buy something that costs $500, I almost expect my heels to sink in some lush carperting with nice ambience surrounding me. DO: The display informs customers of what … Read More

Do and Don’t: Missing Bottoms

Mannequins exist to sell products. They are there to grab customer attention and invite them in for a closer inspection. As with anything in retail, attention to detail is crucial in grabbing the RIGHT attention. DO: I appreciate how the mannequin is dressed and the clothing displayed on it can be immediately found merchandised behind it. Makes shopping a breeze! … Read More

Do and Don’t: Which Sells Better?

There are so many display techniques and styles around but at the end of the day, I think the one that wins is the one that sells the most. Which of these two display styles do you think will sell more?DO: Each shelf is merchandised exactly the same way with small items flanking taller items creating a triangular effect. I prefer … Read More