I am NOT a fan of Slatwall

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I think Slatwall panels have a place in retail. In fact, they are great mass merchandisers. Dollar stores or popular price point establishments who wish to convey this to their shoppers can certainly benefit from its use. However, for specialty shops, boutiques, or any retail who wishes to elevate perceived product values are better off … Read More

Do and Don’t: $500 Sitting Atop a Box?!

Shocked I tell you, I am shocked to see a $500 item sitting atop an inventory box. Is retail space in such a premium that a shelf could not be spared? When I buy something that costs $500, I almost expect my heels to sink in some lush carperting with nice ambience surrounding me. DO: The display informs customers of what … Read More

Do and Don’t: Cosmetics is STILL a Mini Luxury, Isn’t It?

I subscribe to the belief that merchandise should be supported by the platform it is displayed on to ensure product values are uphelf and most of all, to make them appealing. Isn’t that what retailing is all about? Making things begging to be bought? DO: The right point of purchase display makes the difference between products sold right away and … Read More

Do and Don’t: Bugged by the Bag

In some outdoor city markets such those in Asia, where pollution and dust is a big issue, retailers will often have one single clothing item on display and the rest in their original plastic wrap. This is how customers prefer to buy them as they are assured of a clean garment and retailers do not mind as labour costs are not high. However … Read More