When Making it Easy to Buy Results in Multiple Sales

They are many ways retailers can make it easier for their customers to buy. One of these ways is to simply arrange the merchandise in such a way that—that is exactly how customers will be using them at home. For example, this unit that sells facial skin care is simply grouped together in a single unit; leaving it for customers … Read More

What’s In A Sign

I view signs as the best investment retailers can make. It costs the least, thus allowing for a great ROI. The next few in this vlog series will show how to effectively implement a sign program in your shop. Let us begin with sign design. I often work with retailers who already have their logo made up. Leaving my job … Read More

Where Should the Cash Desk be Located?

This topic is a controversial one. I have met many retailers who aren’t keen on having their cash desks moved from it location by the entrance. Why? Well, they say to deter any shoplifter. However, data show that majority of theft is caused internally by staff. In this case, why penalize shoppers who DO NOT steal and thereby suffer the … Read More

Why Wider Entrances Invite more Shoppers

Why are wider entrances more inviting? Well, for one, passers-by see more of what’s inside and thus, interest in exploring the selling space is higher. It is also easier to get shoppers in as they browse the front displays and naturally wander deeper into the store. In the ‘Before’ photo on the left, the already small entrance is made even … Read More

Display Height IS an Issue

A few weeks back I posted an image of beautifully sewn exquisite long gowns that were dragging the floor. This week, it is the opposite. These pants are hung so high up, I could not reach the hangers to take one to try, nor can I look for the size I want. Is that what the step stool is for? Why … Read More

Like the new store design but what’s the name?

Saw this store and was immediately attracted to the design. I love the curved wall and the cleanliness of their displays. It is sleek, modern and contemporary. But for the life of me, I could not figure out its name. I like the font because it goes with the overall design aesthetic, but…no matter how many times I go past … Read More

Ceiling Displays…Hmmmm

I am not sure about you, but I like things in their proper places. I do admit that as a VM, I have an OCD affliction. My clothes are hung left to right, by colour grouping and light to dark with sleeveless to long sleeves within each group. Sleeves of course are combed. When shopping, I also like stores that … Read More

Do Live Person Promotions Work?

What FUN! I was walking past this store, minding my own business, looking ahead as most shoppers do when suddenly someone said hello. It certainly caught my attention and made me look at him and smile. In that one moment, it brought my my mind from thinking of all the dreaded shopping chores I have to complete to an instantaneous halt. This … Read More

This is dedicated to all petite women out there

For the height challenged shopper like me, I GREATLY APPRECIATE it when retailers think of me when displaying their merchandise. Believe it or not, if you google average women’s height, it comes out to be about 5’3″ to 5’4″. This actually makes me the average. If this is the case, why then do retailers display products so high up that … Read More

Do store really check their pricing?

Hello?! Hello?! Is someone behind that computer responsible for product pricing? I wonder if stores really even check their pricing or they just leave everything to the computer. In this digital age, I thought they’d have ‘pricing’ all figured out. However, there must be a person behind that computer, don’t you think so? At any rate, if there is someone responsible for … Read More