Sustainability is a Consumer Value

I’ll let you in on something a lot of people don’t know about me. I LOVE TREES! In fact, I love everything about them. I love being amongst them, breathing various forest scents and most of all, I love to close my eyes while in the midst of trees and hear their leaves ruffle.
Therefore, when it comes to building out my shop designs, I am happiest when I can use reclaimed wood or repurposed items for flooring, walls and even fitting gondola units. We just order the gondola frame and outfit them with reclaimed wood for their backs and shelves.
This shop in Victoria BC literally had the contractor stripping an old barn in Vancouver Island. Some display fixtures I sourced from a company that uses avalanche trees. For those who are not familiar with the term, these are trees felled during the winter when avalanches sweep through the area.
Most of all, I love how these wood pieces give the selling space not only an interesting unique look, but also one can feel the organic energy within!

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