Shoppers Drug Mart Ridiculously Super Long Receipt

I cannot let this go by without saying anything. I went to SDM to purchase 48 cans of my favourite coconut water which was on sale. I also purchased 4 Coca Cola 6 pack bottles, also on sale, along with a couple toothpastes. Simple enough, right? Well, uhm, NOOOO!  The poor sales associate had to scan the coconut water 48 times, YES, 48 TIMES! I asked why he simply couldn’t just do 48 times whatever SKU the coconut water was, and he says their system doesn’t allow them to do that. WHAT?! In this day and age?! Scanning the coconut water 48 times wasn’t bad, the sales associate was quick. Guess what took forever? The POS system itself took a very long time to process each and every scan entry. I felt so bad for all the other customers waiting in line. To top it off, I ended up with a ridiculously long receipt measuring 39″ long. What a waste of TIME, LABOUR and PAPER. I wonder if this is what retail efficiency mean for SDM.SDM

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