Retail Excellence Consulting provides its clients with tools to maximize sales performance. We provide assessment and evaluation services to both new retail operators and those wishing to increase business. Shop design, retail image and identity, layout and traffic, category adjacencies and display placements are reviewed alongside customer shopping behaviour and tendencies.

Both our on-site and virtual consulting services will provide the retailer with a solid foundation to build their businesses. Store set-ups and Transformation is a comprehensive program that provides the business operator with a step-by-step plan to implement effective silent selling strategies. For those interested in learning about successful methods in silent selling or simply to ensure that the strategies they’ve put in place are maintained, our seminars and workshops are the perfect solution.


Brief, concise and to the point. These best describe our consulting sessions, be it on-site or virtual. We review shop layout, fixturing, merchandise categories, display strategies and how all these elements effectively support the shop’s image and identity.
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Shop Set-up & Transformation

An invaluable tool to have, our store set-up or shop transformations binders present retailers with a view of the unit’s layout and fixturing before actual implementation. This step-by-step plan organizes everything a business owner needs to successfully build an effective retail space.
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Fun, energizing and full of ideas that offer great take-away value. Ranging from one hour to workshops of eight hours, our sessions are guaranteed to provide you with ready to apply strategies.
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