Fun, energizing and full of ideas that offer great take-away value. Ranging from one hour to workshops of eight hours, my sessions are guaranteed to provide you with ready to apply strategies.

At the January 2018 Toronto Gift Fair, daily retail solutions seminars were provided to attendees. Topics included:

  • The Changing Retail World: Online retail vs. bricks and mortar
  • Building Brand Equity In-Store and Out: Inexpensive ways to secure long-term customer loyalty
  • Display Basics: Colours & shapes that get customers to buy

Each hour long seminar left attendees with practical and applicable next steps to improve their business and sales.

"Thank you, Natalie, for your great insight. You are a consummate professional and we always enjoy working with you."Anita Schachter, President and CEO, Canadian Gift Association

Short Seminars

Seminars are perfect for a targeted shot of knowledge. These short sessions focus on one specific topic and you'll walk away with actionable steps for immediate implementation. They can also be more hands on, giving attendees the opportunity to see the theory in action. Short seminars range from 1-3 hours and can be customized to your needs.

Example topics:

  • SILENT SELLING STRATEGIES THAT INCREASES YOUR CONVERSION RATE Your store setup is well thought-out but how do you take it to the next level and maximize product appeal? Learn different merchandising strategies that tap into the 5 senses: Sight, Sound, Scent, Touch and Taste.
  • WHAT TO PUT WHERE WHY AND HOW The key to successful retailing is influencing how customers walk your store. Learn how to present products in a way that is logical, capitalizing on the advantages of a well planned adjacency strategy. This seminar shows an actual store transformation exercise from layout analysis to strategic product placement.

When times are tough, retailers cut on operating and labour costs. Find out how your store can continue to sell despite fewer staff. Learn techniques to create visually appealing displays and make your shop irresistible.

  • INFLUENCE SHOPPING BEHAVIOUR Don't just rely on active selling. Ensure that all in-store elements act cohesively to compel customers not only to browse longer, but ultimately buy! Learn to improve traffic direction, visual cues and tapping into the customers' 5 senses to increase conversion.
  • CREATING FOCAL POINTS TO SELL YOUR PRODUCT Learn how to make use of focal points as your powerful tool in sales. This seminar will show you how to build focal points and where to place them in your store. (Depending on seminar time frame, a live demonstration of creating a focal display may be included.)

Contact us for more titles or a customized seminar/workshop for your needs.

"I saw the display last night and I think you have given the team a reason to get excited for the summer season, thank you for your hard work. I found the class room portion to be full of great information and strategies that the team will be able to use moving forward. Also you will be pleased to know that the team has created a number of new displays utilizing what they learned at your training session."Peter George, Director, Food & Beverage, CN Tower


Workshops are a great way to get your entire team up to speed. Ranging from 4 hours to 3 days, this dedicated time allows for deeper learning and hands on practice of the theories. Sessions can accommodate up to 20 participants.

Example topics:

  • CUSTOMER SERVICE Ensure great service for your customers from ground up as we dive into setting minimum standards, building credibility, managing challenging experiences and how to communicate effectively face to face, over the phone or chat.
  • ACTIVE SELLING Selling is more than just putting product on displays. Learn the non-negotiable steps for selling, improve with better techniques and understand the lifetime value of your customers.

Hone in on your secret weapon - a store that sells for you. Learn about store atmospherics, store layouts, display strategies and more.

"Natalie Tan is an energetic and enthusiastic speaker who really knows how to connect with her audience. From practical case studies custom tailored to her audience’s needs to cost-effective, creative ideas they can take back and implement in their businesses, Natalie leaves her audience inspired and energized. I lost count of the number of attendees who made a point to come up to me after the seminar say how much valuable information they gained from Natalie’s presentation."Suzanne Pruitt, President, Marsh Meadows Marketing, Marketing Representation, Urban Expositions

Go virtual

Seminars can also be delivered virtually and is ideal for audiences spread geographically or companies needing a wider reach. Here are two recent webinars for the Canadian Gift Association tackling how to get a selling space ready for spring and summer.

"Thank you very much for sharing your insights - I thought your presentation was fantastic. We often struggle to get presenters who can deliver real value and takeaways that people can apply in their business, and you definitely did both!"Cory Redekop, Manager, Policy and Events, Burnaby Board of Trade

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