Now that more of you are opening your retail shops, just a few pointers to assist with your opening. We all acknowledge that the virus is still around and any consideration we apply to mitigate its spread will be beneficial to our community. 1. When possible, have a one way traffic path inside your selling space to minimize close contact with each other.
2. Use floor stickers to indicate distances of 2 meters and when possible, have hand sanitizers available in various areas of your store.
3. Print signs to remind customers to maintain social distancing. The more images used and least amount of text in the sign, the better.
4. Signs that encourage use of mask or face shields posted in shop entrances and throughout the store; as well as informing shoppers the benefits of using these. Set an example yourself by having your entire team wear masks and/or face shields at all times. YOU MAY USE THE IMAGE BELOW FOR YOUR SIGNS
5. Keep count of number of people inside the shop and be aware when your limit is soon to be reached
6. Disinfecting of your selling and operational areas must be done regularly; pay attention to staff rooms, lunch rooms, storage spaces as well as high touch points. When possible, disinfect the cash counter in-between customers.
7. Plexi barriers are there to be utilized, use them! I have been going to stores and shopping malls, and have observed many are by-passing the plexi barriers and directly interacting with customers.
8. Encourage the use of debit or credit cards instead of handling cash.
9. Any staff member or customer showing symptoms of Covid 19 must be politely asked to leave the premises and self-isolate. I realize this can be a touch awkward but keep in mind the health of everyone sharing the space.
10. Ask your team to be responsible. If anyone was exposed to the virus, be upfront and self-isolate to prevent possible spread.

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