Ready for the Summer Selling Season?

March 13, 2023 at the Vancouver Gift Expo

Last Monday I had the pleasure of delivering a couple of sessions during the Vancouver Gift Expo. I am delighted to see retailers who are thirsty for new learning and eager to implement methods that will maximize all their selling opportunities.

Have you reviewed your selling space for the upcoming summer season? Here’s a list of things to go over:

  1. Go outside your shop and view your storefront. Does it convey your brand identity? Can passers-by discern your price points, product selection and target market just by seeing your frontage?
  2. Upon entering your store, will customers be able to navigate your selling space easily without any obstructions? Are your aisles wide enough for people to comfortably walk through?
  3. Will shoppers be able to walk all the way back without any hesitation? Or are some areas of your store challenged? Can you think of ways to minimize dead spaces?
  4. Are your merchandise well categorized and grouped well? Will shoppers easily understand the product categories you carry?
  5. What stories would you like to tell with your displays? Have you decided on the locations for your primary and secondary focal set ups?
  6. How’s your sign hierarchy? Signs definitely sell for you so do not neglect this small but very important aspect of silent selling!

Questions, Comments, Feedback? I can be reached at and would be happy to hear from you.

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