Prestige Designer Window FAILS

I have a healthy respect for window designers. Throughout my career in retail, I have known the breed of visual merchandisers like myself to be very meticulous where attention to detail is paramount. Over the years, when stores are cutting costs and now have their store staff implement window displays from planograms, I somehow feel that majority of the retailers who do this have lost that special attention to detail. Don’t get me wrong, some corporate VMs do a wonderful job in ensuring that store execution will not compromise their display standards. However this holiday season, I witnessed something I did not think deserving of a designer boutique. What shocked me the most was that not only was this seen in one store, but three! In fact, the third store was in a different city/country who did the same “kill me now” look. What happened to window design integrity?! What happened to minimum standards of execution? I am AGHAST to say the least. Or, is it just me? What are your thoughts on this? Is this excusable?UsdXmasLightDONT

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