OH DEAR! It isn’t often I am left SPEECHLESS

IOh Dears this cheap imitation home accessories or is it finely made to make your home look like Versailles? Take a guess? Display looks cheap, especially the painting with cardboard still on the edges and orange price stickers. But…somehow I find this display unsettling. So many people passed by and I can hear them say must be expensive but looks very cheap, or variations thereof. One even said, “oh boy, do I hate this store!” Wow, imagine eliciting such strong emotion. I’m sure there’s a market for these home decor stuff, otherwise they wouldn’t be manufacturing them. So have you guessed price points? Well, the painting with the cardboard shows $349, the pedestal with the orange sticker is a SHOCKING $1600 and the vase? DRUMROLL- the hand written sticker shows $1793. I think I just found the store that can SPECTACULARLY DEVALUE its products through display.

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