Nice strategy to get me Upstairs

Those in retail already know that being on the second level can be a kiss of death to some. However when done right, second level retailing can be successful. I like how All Saints use lighting and feature displays to get customers up their second level. First, as most women shoppers do not mind spending the extra time and effort to – well, shop; they placed this category upstairs. Next, they directed the eye to the brightest point which happens to be at the mannequin grouping in front of the escalators, along with a large sign that says womensdo all saints2wear upstairs. Now, who can really resist the possibility of experiencing the ‘thrill of discovery’?

2 Comments on “Nice strategy to get me Upstairs”

    1. Hi Angela, for a downstairs level, the same concept works. Use lighting to direct traffic to the top of the stairs. Make sure the brightest light hits your display/mannequins right by the stairs. Give people a reason to go downstairs- e.g. clearance section is located there. Hope this helps. Otherwise, you can email me a photo and I can send you feedback. Send it to

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