Let’s See…What do I want for dinner…DOGFOOD?!

How funny is this scenario? My sister was shopping for pasta, browsing through the selection, then WHAM! Dog biscuits. Huh? Isn’t this a big head scratching moment? Where do retailers get their merchandising strategy? Or in this case, is there even one? Pet food is nestled between pasta and cookie snacks. YUM!
WAIT! Poop scoopers hanging right in front of the pasta. Multiple selling, anyone?
(Photo courtesy of Jeannie)DontAdjDogFood

One Comment on “Let’s See…What do I want for dinner…DOGFOOD?!”

  1. In 1989 – 1990 When we were living in Juan-les-Pins France a Village between Nice and Cannes the grocery store (le Carrefour) were I bought the groceries at cap3000 (http://www.cap3000.com/ ) (http://www.cap3000.com/boutiques )
    In the meat counter alongside the roasts, steaks and chickens they had trays full of little pieces chicken or beef with signs “ pour le chat” and “ pour le chien ” I didn’t know what it was but the price was right so I bought it for a stir fry for my wife and I. One day, instead of checking out the clothing boutiques. She went to the grocery store with me. She was horrified that I had been feeding her “Pet Food” She speaks French.
    In the restaurants, if you walked in with your dog to have dinner they would gave you two menus one “pour le chien” and one “pour l’homme” guess you were expected to order for both your wife and dog “votre femme” Thanks, Natalie, for the memories

    Gil Floyd

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