Let’s PLAY!

Many of you by now have an idea of what makes for a good display and one that disappoints. A good display of course ultimately sells the products by maximizing all selling opportunities. What can you do to make this display better? Rule: You may add more merchandise but you have to use the same products shown on this picture. Anyone who sends me the best answer will get the chance to win MILLIONS of dollars! Really, I am not jesting. Well, Canadian dollars at least. You can submit a hand drawn diagram and you need not be great at drawing. OR you can of course hand in your planogram using any software. The one I deem best WINS! Good luck to all!
No so Fine Print: OK, I’m no lawyer knowing all the legal stuff involved with contests nor handing out prizes. So if this is illegal in your state or province or location, you will be bound by the law. Even if if it is not illegal, you will still be bound by any law applicable to things like this. I will still send you your prize if you win, of course. 🙂 CONTEST CLOSE JUNE 30 2015

Dont Display Strategy

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